Suck It, Louisville.


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Apart of Revelry Gallery's group exhibit, ALT (alternative), Suck It, Louisville. (made entirely from recycled straws from local businesses), 2019.

Plastic straws are just one of many single-use plastics that end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life.

Many local establishments are now offering alternatives to plastic straws, sometimes up to triple the cost. Most, if not all, agree the cost is worth knowing they are helping raise awareness and generate community conversation around plastic waste.

While I love that more Louisville businesses are going straw-less, I also hate a soggy straw in my frozen drink or cocktail! For ALT I wanted to find a playful way to reuse the plastic straws that are still being used in Louisville, especially NULU. All of these black straws came from neighborhood businesses & the colorful ones were left over from past events. 

If something is plastic we should try to find a way to reuse it at least once more!